Maid Services Information: Duties Of A Maid

The concept of hiring the services of a cleaning professional or a maid to take care of a private residence is still to gain widespread popularity among the masses. However, people are slowly warming up to the idea of hiring maids to do the cleaning and sanitizing around the house. Though one does not require any formal education for becoming a maid, those with greater experience in this field are preferred over novices. You can contact a maid services agency to send you a maid specializing in a particular task such as cleaning bedrooms, kitchens and hallways or regular maids who do a decent job at sanitizing and marinating a home. Some of the basic duties of a maid are given below.

Cleaning and maintaining the kitchen

Kitchen Maintenance is one of the fundamental duties of maids who work in a domestic setting. This includes the responsibility of maintaining the cleanliness of a kitchen and ensuring that the dishes and clean, countertops and cupboards are dusted, pantries are kept spic and span and appliances and floors are dirt free. In a commercial space, this often falls under the duty of the kitchen staff. In case you opt for a maid services package, you can also include cooking, especially preparing breakfast in the task list of the maid.

Dusting and Polishing

This is an integral part of house maintenance. Dusting shelves, cupboards, windows, counter tops and various pieces of furniture falls under this maid service duty. Often times, domestic maids are also required to polish furniture after dusting them. This holds especially true for a house where there is a lot of expensive silverware and other exquisite metal fixtures present.

Cleaning the Floor

The duty list of a maid will be incomplete without a mention of sweeping all floors that are not covered with a rug. Once these floors have been swept, they need to mop them as well. In addition to that, these floors need to be waxed on a regular basis. In case a house has carpeting on the floor, the maid is required to vacuum it on a daily basis. Cleaning the carpet is the job for the maid as well.

Doing the Laundry

Though laundry does not fall in the task list of part time maids hired for domestic services, it is more or less a part of the job description of live in maids. Laundry includes washing the clothes as well as bedding of the homeowners and drying and ironing them. When it comes to a commercial set up such as a hotel or a resort, the maids who are assigned the duty of laundry are required to wash, dry and iron linen, bedding, towels and table cloths as well. You can even make an arrangement with your part time maid to do your laundry at the time of negotiating the terms of appointment.

Miscellaneous Duties

In addition to the above mentioned duties, live in maids should ensure that the beds are made, bathrooms are clean and dry and various rooms are neat and tidy. Some even go grocery shopping and take out trash every day.